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Become an SSI Dive Master!

As a recreational diver, you are primarily responsible for the needs and welfare of yourself and your buddy. When you are a Dive Master, you accept responsibility for the needs and welfare of a group of divers.

The Dive Shed's SSI Dive Master program is designed to teach you to become an effective diving leader. During the program, you will study advanced diving academics, including The Science of Diving, as well as develop leadership-level diving and rescue skills. "Dive Guide" is your practical diver leader training + "Science of Diving" is your professional level academics course = Your Dive Master Rating.

You will learn to take charge of groups and lead certified divers underwater.

"The most rewarding and motivating aspect of being a Dive Master may be the opportunity to touch people’s lives and influence their enjoyment of scuba diving." -Scuba Schools International.

What does it mean to be a Dive Master?

Completing the Dive Master program with The Dive Shed will challenge you with new techniques, skills and knowledge as well as provide the foundation you need to become an effective and  exceptional Dive Master. You will receive real world in-water experience by joining us on unlimited diving tours as well as additional dive industry training beyond the scope of the course, leading you to become a more skilled, more knowledgeable, more employable  Dive Professional upon certification. 

Once you are certified and registered as a professional Dive Master, you will be able to earn an income using your new skills, even start an exciting career in diving! The Dive Shed believes it takes time to create an exceptional Dive Master and as such we only offer the course over a minimum of 3 months (minimum of 2 days per week or equivalent). 

Why train with The Dive Shed?

  • You will join The Dive Shed crew in a trainee employee capacity, giving you a better understanding of your role as a working Dive Master as opposed to someone who has simply completed a Dive Master course. 

  • As well as completing  tasks within the scope of your Dive Master course you will also be involved in daily operations of a busy Accredited Tourism Business dive centre. Skills such as tank filling, equipment maintenance, field repairs and sales all combine to give you a competitive advantage when you enter the industry.  

  • You will certify as a Dive Master when both you and your Instructor feel confident in your ability to take charge of groups and lead certified divers underwater. Until that point you will dive with us as many times as you need.

Turn your passion into your career with The Dive Shed's SSI Dive Master Course. 

Dive SSI App

 Download the Dive SSI app for your smart device. You can also register your profile in the app.

Cost                                                                                           $1399

add "Science of Diving"                                                           $1599


What's Included?

  • Dive Guide digital kit

  • Dive Guide student registration fee

  • Buddy Team and Briefing Slate

  • SSI Dive Professional Organiser & Tablet/Mobile Sleeve

  • SSI Dive Professional Mask Strap

  • Air

  • Unlimited diving during the internship period (boat dives on standby basis)

  • Lunch on boat dives/refreshments on eco tours

  • Busselton Jetty Yearly Pass

  • Marine Park Licence fees

  • Professional Diving Insurance for the duration of the Internship

  • Dive Shed Crew t-shirt

Not included...

  • SSI Professional Registration (payable direct to SSI upon completion in order to work as a DM)

  • Employment upon certification

  • Incidentals

  • Air fares, accommodation or meals


  • Minimum age of 15, or 18 for professional rating

  • Stress & Rescue Certification or equivalent

  • Certification or proven experience in Night, Deep, Navigation diving

  • Your own good quality, well fitted total diving system including weight

  • Current HLTAID006 (First Aid can be added to the beginning of the program)

  • Current diving medical 

  • Be fit and healthy. You do not need to be an athlete, but working as a Dive Master includes physical activity and manual handling 

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