I have never dived before, can I book this course?

Yes! This is the first step towards becoming a diver. Upon completion of your Open Water Diver course you will be able to dive  all around the world, rent dive equipment, fill your cylinders and more!


How old do I need to be? 

This course is for ages 15+

Kids aged  10-14 can become Junior Open Water Divers .  (Depth restrictions apply to 10-12 year olds)

Are there any medical restrictions?

There are just a few. Please read the medical questionnaire. If you answer "yes" to any of the medical conditions on this form you may require a diving medical. Please contact us directly prior to booking.

 CLICK HERE to view.

It is not recommended to SCUBA dive if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. 


Are there any other restrictions?

As an Open Water Diver you will be certified to dive up to 18 metres depth without an Instructor present. 

It is recommended to wait 18-24 hrs after SCUBA diving before flying on  a plane. 

I wear contact lenses can I learn to dive?

Absolutely! You can wear your contact lenses while wearing your diving mask . You can purchase a diving mask with prescription lenses if you prefer not to wear your contacts. 

Do I have to buy equipment?

The only mandatory piece of equipment you must own is your good quality, well fitted mask and snorkel set, suitable for diving. The Dive Shed has a value package deal for students if you do not already own your mask and snorkel. 

Can I learn to dive with my own equipment?

Absolutely! However, all personal equipment must meet or exceed SSI and The Dive Shed Training standards.

What is the cost? and are there any others?

The course cost is $599 all inclusive. 

We provide lunch on the last day of the course, but you will need to bring money for lunch (or bring lunch) on the other days.

Junior Open Water Diver is $479 

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