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  • Includes Dive Guide Program and Science of Diving 



Turn your passion into your career

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Become a professional Mermaid

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Become an SSI Dive Master!

Earn the highest recreational certification or make a career of your passion for SCUBA by completing SSI Dive Master training with The Dive Shed.

The Dive Shed Dive Master Course includes SSI DIVE GUIDE and SSI SCIENCE OF DIVING. The Dive Guide program teaches you to supervise and lead certified divers, both above and below the water. The Science of Diving Program increases your knowledge and understanding of diving theory, physics and physiology, earning you the rating of SSI DIVE MASTER.


You  can complete the Dive Master course without activating Professional Status or you can choose to go pro and start earning money by working as a Dive Master any where in the world!



DIVE SHED SSI DIVE MASTER TRAINING COURSE                         $1599



  • Dive Guide digital training package       

  • Dive Guide student registration fee 

  • Dive Guide certification

  • Science of Diving digital training package

  • Science of Diving certification     

  • SSI Buddy Team and Briefing Slate

  • SSI Dive Professional Organiser & Mobile/Tablet Sleeve 

  • SS Dive Professional Mask Strap      

  • Air and Weight     

  • Unlimited diving during training period (boat dives on standby basis)

  • Lunch on full day boat tours 

  • Marine Park Licence fees

  • Professional Diving Insurance for the duration of the course

  • Classroom/academic sessions

  • Pool fees

  • Dive Guide Evaluations

  • Dive Shed Trainee T-Shirt

Does not include


  • SSI Dive Professional Fees- these are payable direct to SSI once you are a certified and active dive professional

  • Scuba Equipment or accessories

  • Accommodation, incidentals or travel related expenses

  • Diving Medical Expenses

As a diver, you are primarily responsible for the needs and welfare of yourself and your buddy. However, as a Dive Guide, you accept responsibility for the needs and welfare of a group of divers and The SSI Dive Guide program is designed to teach you to become an effective diving leader. During the program, you will study advanced diving academics and develop leadership-level diving and rescue skills. Scuba Schools International supplies you with the academic component or this program.

In your digital training package, you will read about the training philosophy of SSI, role of the Dive Master, stress and rescue as a Dive Master, group management, leading special dive trips and your future career with SSI. You will review the academics of the program in classroom sessions with your Instructor where you will complete your Dive Guide and Science of Diving exams. 


The Dive Shed will provide you with the opportunity to apply your new knowledge in a real working environment, in what is essentially the practical component of Dive Master Training. You will learn to take charge of groups and lead certified divers underwater by joining our Crew in a Trainee capacity, gradually taking on a more active role, with more responsibility, until you and your Instructor feel you are ready to complete your Dive Master Evaluations.

Completing your Dive Master program with The Dive Shed will challenge you with new techniques, skills and knowledge, and provide the foundation you need to become an exceptional Dive Guide. The Dive Shed provides the opportunity to learn many new skills along-side your diver training as we endeavour to create Dive Masters who have excellent work ethic are multi skilled, experienced and employable.

Your Dive Master program will be custom scheduled to suit your availability and work commitments.



  • 18 years old

  • 40 logged dives (60 for certification)

  • Stress and Rescue Certification

  • Proof of experience (logged dives) in Deep, Night and Navigation Diving

  • Own good quality Total Diving System

  • Able to obtain a diving medical

  • Hold a drivers licence 


The Dive Shed requires all Dive Master Trainees to be mentally and physically fit. You do not need to be an athlete, but dive equipment is heavy and a reasonable fitness level is required.


All candidates must be able to complete a fitness evaluation that includes:

  • 25 metre underwater swim with breath hold using mask and fins

  • 700 metre swim with mask/fins/snorkel in less than 20minutes

  • 15-minute tread water

  • Rescue diver tow (unconscious) 100m under 8 minutes in full equipment.

Please note: 

Working as a professional diver is vastly different from being a recreational diver. There are long days, weekend work and the job can be physically demanding, BUT we are rewarded with a divers lifestyle and the opportunity to meet other divers from all over the world, who share our passion and WE get to show them the wonders of the marine world. 


The Dive Shed Dive Master Program is designed for each candidate to gain valuable experience while training. This is not a 10 day, pay your money, here’s your certification course. You will receive dive industry training beyond the scope of the Dive Guide program leading you to become a more skilled, more knowledgeable, more EMPLOYABLE Dive Professional upon certification. 



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